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“In the spirit of yoga,
we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently.

The way we challenge the status quo is by offering a spirited style of Yoga that creatively links the physical
poses with the rhythm of the breath, so not just teaching poses, but Yoga.

You will bend, stretch, breathe, laugh, strengthen and wake up to your life.
We are passionate about our work and just happen to teach great Yoga. Want to come?


Something a little different with its roots in the ancient tradition. We practice in a way that encourages useful patterns of thought and behavior. No struggling. No strain. Just deep and calm breathing, slow and mindful work.

Tuesday 6:15-7:30pm with Marlene

Teacher Training

Change your life and help change the lives of others. Yoga is not a mystical riddle wrapped in a mystery. It is right here, it is in your face, it is right now. So the question is:

"Is it your time to change your life?"
call Marlene, 847-277-1333

Private Classes

If you are new to yoga OR
You have special requirements:
Theraputic Yoga for Injuries,
recovering from surgery, illness or anxiety.

Get specialized attention!
Call 847-277-1333

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