Costa Rica Yoga Retreat Feb 15-22, 2020

Imagine waking up in the rainforest breathing in fresh ocean scented air enveloping you with a deep sense of peace. Now imagine walking through the forest steeped by sounds of nature on the way to savor a healthy, organic meal. Consider the many moments you’ll have when you quietly ask yourself “What do I need?” while knowing that options include a quick walk to the one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, partaking in a yoga session, relaxing with a massage, sitting by the pool or taking a luscious nap? Just Imagine.

Take time away from your agendas and responsibilities to reconnect and realign with your self in beautiful Costa Rica as you nurture your whole self back into a state of harmony. Using our yoga practice to foster reconnection to ourselves steeped in nature, we allow ourselves to open up to our own intuition and inner voice… and find deep rest in ourselves. 


In that spirit, we offer a structure and then remain open to what nature presents us and we flow with nature’s rhythms. It is up to you on how you use your time; we offer options with deep respect for your own personal choices so that you may truly come back to your Self.


We may do our yoga to the symphony of Howler Monkeys or to the lulling sounds of a rainforest storm.  

We may take our evening meditation to the beach to be guided by the waves of the ocean under supervision of moonlight.  

We may extend our dinnertime with lovely local wine, laughs and true contentment. 

We will enjoy two yoga classes a day, evening meditation, rainforest hiking, bonfire, open air yurt for your own yoga practice or lounging in the hammocks, deliciously fresh meals with plenty of time for self reflection and deep relaxation. Many other activities are also available to immerse yourself in the wonders of this paradise. 

Room Options and Prices

We have limited spots and high interest, secure your spot and take advantage of these two special offers:

1. Bring a friend and both of you get $100 off

2. Pay in full upon registration before November 15th and receive $150 off

3. We ask for a $250 nonrefundable deposit to secure your spot with the full amount to be paid by Jan 15th.

We are accepting either check or cash to be dropped off at the studio or mailed. Thank you!

Single: $2080

Double: $1790

Triple: $1680

Dorm: $1550


Included in the price:

8 days/7 nights

3 organic and fresh meals a day, primarily vegetarian with the option for chicken or fish on several days

Yoga 1-2 sessions/day

Meditation and Mindfulness sessions daily

Guided jungle eco tour

Airport transfer

Spaciousness in a most magical place

Direct access to secluded beach


NOT included in the price:

Airline ticket

Spa treatments

Extra excursions

"Nirvana's yoga retreat was exactly what I needed...I had no idea what to expect other than the fact that I could trust studio owner Marlene to hold the space In the right tone the entire time we were there. We were all there to enjoy the beautiful scenes and adventures ...with no distractions other than the cute and loud howler monkeys that would come to greet us everyday. I look forward to the memories to come from the next retreat!"  -A.Y.

Meet the Teachers

"The yoga retreat in Costa Rica really had it all.  Holler monkeys in the rain forest, walking distance to a secluded beach, delicious and satisfying vegetarian meals, great company and excursions or peaceful solitude.The retreat really exceeded my expectations and I felt completely rejuvenated at the end of the week.  One of the best vacations I've ever had and I can't wait for next year! " - Melisa B.


I feel we are our own best teachers.  By staying present with the breath to whatever rises up within, makes actual change in your life.  We practice and find how you do the yoga IS what you do in life.  Feelings, sensations arise in a pose and if you can stay and breathe and ask how do I choose to react to this, and if you are willing to meet that posture where it's at, your life changes.  It happened to me, so I teach this.In 2005 I opened Nirvana Yoga Studio.  To bring together yoga teachers with open minds and styles of teaching the traditional aspects of yoga from their own experience. Our studio allows for the student to find space for their bodies, listen to the teacher within and reconnect to their SELF.  It is a privilege and joy for me to share this with others.

Marlene Rucks
Susan Swearingen

Susan has cultivated her own personal yoga practice of over 20 years starting with Ashtanga yoga and studying Vinyasa yoga with Marlene. Her diverse life experience as a mother, an executive in a large global corporation, her experience thru depression and now a small business owner has informed her teachings making them accessible to every person living a busy life. Susan is also a trained teacher in Mindful Self Compassion out of the School of Medicine at University of California San Diego in which she blends into her teachings for mindful living and yoga.

Yoga in the Yurt
Image by Lindsay Loucel
Hammocking in a Yurt
Yummy and relaxed dinners
Amazing Howlers
Simple life
Magical Bonfire
Zipline across the canopy
Serene and secluded
Free and Easy
Fun time!