"Love this studio. Teachers genuinely care about students. Classes are consistently great. The owner has created a caring community. Newcomers are always welcomed to ensure they are comfortable.  Been to many studios throughout the country. None measure up to this one. None."  - Dean H., Yelp

Marlene Rucks

I feel we are our own best teachers.  By staying present with the breath to whatever rises up within, makes actual change in your life.  We practice and find how you do the yoga IS what you do in life.  Feelings, sensations arise in a pose and if you can stay and breathe and ask how do I choose to react to this, and if you are willing to meet that posture where it's at, your life changes.  It happened to me, so I teach this.
In 2005 I opened Nirvana Yoga Studio.  To bring together yoga teachers with open minds and styles of teaching the traditional aspects of yoga from their own experience. Our studio allows for the student to find space for their bodies, listen to the teacher within and reconnect to their SELF.  It is a privilege and joy for me to share this with others.

Emily rucks

Emily started her practice and study of yoga at 12 years old with her mother, Marlene.  In 2014, she became a registered yoga teacher at Nirvana and started up yoga for kids classes.  She greatly enjoys teaching classes to preschoolers and has also taught to children at the Barrington Library.  In addition, she finds her work with children one-on-one to be very rewarding as she integrates yoga poses into play.

jean masukevich

Jean believes yoga is a spiritual pathway in which individuals can gain insight into their divine and true nature. Her training in Iyengar yoga has taught her the importance of alignment and the use of props to make yoga accessible to all, as well as the therapeutic and restorative benefits of the practice. The Vinyasa training has enabled her to tap into the flow of the sacred marriage between breath and movement.  She is passionate about helping others move toward whole health in a fun and meaningful way. She has a strong desire to empower children and bring families together through yoga.

karen fagerson

Karen danced professionally for many years, and her yoga practice and style of teaching reflects a love for creating fluid movement with the body. Allow the breath to be the music, and the focused flow of energy to be the supporting partner guiding you through your practice. She believes that as you develop a strong, supple body, and a centered, peaceful state of mind, your spirit will be free to move you gracefully on and off your mat.

Jackie Kapcheck

Jackie began her yoga experience right here at Nirvana in 2011. No place would feel more at home for her RYT200 teaching debut! After years of fitness exploration, she ultimately found her calling with vinyasa yoga. She enjoys the full experience of yoga and likes to keep things moving. Her ability to lighten the classroom environment with playful instruction and humorous undertones is a perfect way to explore the gift of yoga without expectation. Jackie encourages strength, flexibility and breathwork by engaging in a dynamic flow. Join her on the mat and honor your body by finding your fullest expression of self.

margaret myren

Margaret has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years, much of it here at Nirvana.   She loves yoga for its accessibility to everyone, at any age or stage of life. There is no equipment needed except your body, your breath and your willing spirit. She finds the lasting sense of calm after practicing yoga profoundly moving and peaceful and feels grateful to be able to share that experience with those who seek it.

Andrew Mansour

Andrew is a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor, has been studying yoga for 20 years, and proudly calls himself a beginner. Yoga and food are two of his passions (He is the owner of Ella Bonella in Barrington).  Too nervous to attend a group class? Schedule a private class. Clueless in the kitchen? He can help you learn to cook for yourself! A healthy diet is the key for a healthy lifestyle.

alexandra burke

I am passionate about connecting others through my love of yoga and offering guidance in how to uniquely integrate yoga into daily life.  I have been practicing the art of yoga for 15 years and recently received my amazing and life changing 200 RYT training right here at Nirvana! I hope you laugh, smile and learn something new at my classes! I am playful, creative, outgoing and aim to cultivate a warm and inviting atmosphere that will allow YOUR authentic self to shine! As a teacher my goal is to be inviting, open and connect with each student. I love and appreciate everyone’s unique journey and want to be a part of celebrating that. Come play with me and we will relax, be joyful and of course, do yoga. In my free time I paint, cook, hike, and frequently take my practice outside in nature. Believe in the good things coming! 

Maggie Topping

Favorite quote: “Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken” 

If years ago, you had told me I would not only be practicing yoga but teaching I never would have believed you, but yoga found me and now I believe!  I found Vinyasa Yoga to be refreshing and loved the idea of using my own body weight to become stronger combined with a physical flow to music.  My philosophy is it’s all about finding that moment, albeit brief where proper breathing takes you to a mindlessness state and then you find yourself back with all your thoughts. When those brief moments begin to build in your practice, amazing transformations start to emerge within one’s self.

Laura Mandell

Laura has been practicing yoga in the Barrington area since 2004. From her first teachers, she learned to appreciate the Anusara principles of alignment and playfulness in yoga.  She deepened her practice on and off the mat over the years, and earned her 200-hour certification at Nirvana in 2017, where she learned to teach with authenticity and joy. As a student and teacher today, Laura continues to explore both ancient and contemporary sources of wisdom and inspiration.  

Susan Swearingen

Susan has cultivated her own personal yoga practice of over 20 years starting with Ashtanga yoga and studying Vinyasa yoga with Marlene. Her diverse life experience as a mother, an executive in a large global corporation, her experience with depression and now a small business owner has informed her teachings making them accessible to every person living a busy life. Susan is also a trained teacher in Mindful Self Compassion out of the School of Medicine at University of California San Diego in which she blends into her teachings for mindful living and yoga.

Alina jaskowiak

My goal as a yoga teacher always is to create healing  space. A place where we learn to fail joyfully. Appreciate a moment of silence and  grow in our practice together. I love connecting people with their breath to become more present  with their bodies. To me there is nothing more precious than aligning ourselves with our spirit and yoga continuously reminds me that so I can share that knowledge  with others. 

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